40 years of PCB expertice


Cadmic possesses decades of experience in PCB design and manufacturing. Its roots trace back 40 years to 1981, when Cadmic began offering PCB design services as a division of Itumic Oy in Jyväskylä. Initially, PCB design services were provided using two Racal Redac Maxi workstations in two shifts. In the mid-80s, the operation was separated and initially established under the name Cadmic Ky, later becoming Cadmic Oy in the early 90s. As demand grew in the mid-80s, the company also established an office in the metropolitan area. Around the same time, PC-based design software was introduced. Initially, Redac’s Redboard was used, which later evolved into Zuken’s Cadstar.

The introduction of surface mount technology in the mid-1980s brought new challenges to the design software. As a result, we actively explored other software options to facilitate the design of surface mount PCBs. We transitioned to using PADS software in the late 1980s. PADS quickly became our primary tool. Concurrently, we initiated a partnership with the software provider. We acted as an importer and support partner for PADS from the late 1980s until the early 2000s

The 80s and 90s were also the ‘golden era’ of film plotting. At our disposal, we had up to three photoplotters that practically printed the films needed for PCB manufacturing day and night. As the millennium changed, PCB factories started acquiring their own printers, rapidly reducing the demand for this service from us.

As the demand for printing services declined in the late 90s, Cadmic ventured into importing PCB manufacturing. Initially, collaborations were primarily with European entities. Cooperation with Chinese manufacturers began in the early 2000s, starting with Flex PCBs. This partnership quickly deepened and expanded to encompass all types of PCBs. Since then, Cadmic has actively researched and evaluated several Chinese PCB factories, establishing a comprehensive network for the manufacturing of various types of PCBs.

Due to customer needs, we also adopted Mentor’s (now Siemens EDA) more advanced software, Boardstation, in the late 90s, and from there, we transitioned to serving Xpedition users with PADS Professional software.

The 2000s have been characterized by consistent offerings of PADS design services and PCB manufacturing. In 2015, we initiated an assessment of available design software, examining market conditions and software features. At that time, we decided to also incorporate Altium software into our operations. In recent years, the use of Altium has significantly increased, making it our second primary design software alongside PADS.

In 2015, with a change in ownership of Cadmic, the company’s registered domicile was relocated to Helsinki.

Cadmic today

Cadmic Oy has offices in Helsinki and Jyväskylä, employing a total of 7 designers. Cadmic provides skilled and professional services for PCB design using software such as Pads Standard, Pads Professional, Altium Designer, Zuken Cadstar, and OrCAD Pro.

Our manufacturing service provides prototype and volume PCB production, catering to both simple boards and demanding HDI PCBs. We also deliver specialized material-based PCBs for RF, high-speed, flex, flex-rigid, and aluminum circuit board solutions.

Cadmic’s service portfolio also includes maintenance of design system libraries, PCB assembly, and various customized training services.


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